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Ventana's technology enables conversion of waste plastics to high economic value petroleum fuels. The technology deploys a patent-pending, fully continuous depolymerization process to molecularly crack and re-arrange longer chain hydrocarbons found in polymers to shorter chain hydrocarbons found in petroleum fuels, transforming thereby a waste stream into an economic resource..

The technology accepts a large variety of raw, unwashed, mixed waste plastics from post-municipal, post-industrial and post-agricultural waste streams and converts them to useful fuel oils having a host of applications. It helps extract calorific value from landfill bound waste, ease dependence on foreign oil and create high-quality green jobs across communities where such plants are deployed. It also promotes ecological sustainability by providing a supplementary route for generation of petroleum fuels which avoid greenhouse gas emissions associated with drilling, piping and refining of crude oil.


The technology converts non-recyclable waste plastics to HyFuelTM – a low viscosity, high calorific value petroleum distillate having a carbon number distribution similar to gasoline & diesel
(C5 - C24).

HyfuelTM can be fractionated to obtain a light and a middle distillate stream which approximates commodity petroleum fuels. These streams are a drop-in to existing refinery infrastructure and have a readily available offtake as replacement for conventional gasoline & diesel blend stock.

Oct 2013
Hydrocarbon CrackerTM technology wins National Award at the India Innovation Initiative (i3) 2013 from over 900 submissions. The i3 competition is largely regarded as the 'Cleantech Open' of India, with separate regional and national phases and a jury panel comprising of scientists, eminent industrialists, business management experts and government representatives.
Oct 2013
Mott MacDonald concludes independent audit of conversion and yield from technology.
Mar 2013
Ventana selected to present at the San Francisco Cleantech Forum Entrepreneur Showcase (March 18th -19th)
Feb 2013
Ventana selected to showcase at the Venture Summit West 2013, Mountainview, CA (Feb 13th)
Feb 2013
Ventana to exhibit at the 9th Cleantech Summit in Palm Springs, CA (Feb 6th-7th)
Jan 2013
Ventana performs an independent 3rd party audit related to mass balance of the conversion process
Dec 2012
Ventana announces Mott MacDonald as its engineering partner. Mott is a £1+ billion global design engineering consultancy firm and brings deep engineering experience with process, chemical, oil and gas & waste to energy projects. Globally, the company has over 14,000 staff and serves clients in over 140 countries
Sep 2012
Ventana selected to showcase at the IHT’s Global Clean Energy Forum, Barcelona, Spain (Oct 2-3rd )
July 2012
Ventana selected to speak at the 5th Annual Waste to Fuels Conference in Mystic, Connecticut (Sep 17th). Title of talk: Why generate black gold (synthetic crude) when you can do white lightening (lighter fuels) !
Apr 2012
Ventana successfully commissions 3rd generation pilot plant for thermo- conversion of waste plastics to lighter petroleum fuels. The plant deploys Ventana’s patent-pending fully continuous Hydrocarbon CrackerTM conversion process and uses multiple fuel decontamination interventions
Nov 2011
Ventana is a finalist at the Cleantech Open 2011 (San Jose, CA)